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At G.O. Bailey we provide a clinic for our students. Mrs.Amber Sauls is our Registered Nurse. Nurse Sauls takes special care of our students from band aids to breathing treatments. At G.O. Bailey, each student is required to have a health form on file in the clinic so Nurse Sauls will be able to respond as quickly as possible to any situation that may arise. All ADD and ADHD medication in the clinic must come in the original container with the directions on the bottle from the doctor. No medication will be accepted in Ziploc bags. Parents are responsible for bringing all ADD and ADHD medication into the clinic since this is a controlled drug. There are forms that each parent will have to fill out when the medication is brought in. Parents are also responsible for providing all OTC (over the counter) medications. The school will no longer provide these medications for students. For those students who have chronic asthma we do have forms in the clinic to be signed by the doctor for these students so that they can have their inhaler on their person.
Our children are our future.