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Hairy Pencils

Mrs. Debbie Whitehead’s kindergarten class had a special visit from Jeff Dixon, owner of Head Games.  He read the book, NFL Superstar, Justin Tuck: Home Field Advantage.   Mr. Tuck had five sisters who cut his hair in a reverse Mohawk.  Mr. Dixon used the book to explain to the class that they should never cut their own hair or their friends’ hair.  He brought “hairy pencils” that he and his staff made out of pencils, yarn and wiggly eyes.  The students cut their pencil’s hair into many fancy styles.  There may be a few hairstylists in the future.

Left photo:  Joseph Blackwell and Rodney Armstrong

Right photo:  Standing, Mr. Jeff Dixon

front row, Leilani Milton, Jamarcius Smith, Abby Lupo, Isabella Dixon, Alondra Ramirez, Lupita Olguin, Chloe York and Rodney Armstrong