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Georgia Parent Survey

All parents of students in G.O. Bailey Primary School are encouraged to complete an online survey from the Georgia Department of Education, the “Georgia Parent Survey,” regarding the climate of their child’s school.

Data from the survey will be used to calculate the School Climate Star Rating on the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI), Georgia’s new accountability system that rates schools and school districts on a 100-point scale. The data will be combin...ed with that from the Georgia Student Health Survey II and the Georgia School Personnel Survey to determine each school’s Climate Star Rating.

School climate refers to the quality and character of school life as it relates to norms and values, interpersonal relations and social interactions, and organizational processes and structures, according to the National School Climate Center. School climate sets the tone for all the learning and teaching done in the school environment and it is predictive of students’ ability to learn and develop in healthy ways.

The online survey has 24 questions and can be completed in five to 10 minutes. Responses are anonymous and are submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis. Data collected will not be available to the public or posted online.

The survey is open now and parents have until January 30, 2015 to complete it by going to the following site:


Parents can “google” the GADOE parent survey, as well. Once at the survey site select “Tift County” from the first drop down menu and “G.O. Bailey” from the second drop down menu.