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G.O. Bailey 3rd Graders Mine for Gems!

On October 7th G.O. Bailey third graders got to experience mountain mining right here at school. Huck's Lost Mine brought its mobile gem mining wagon where students were amazed at the beautiful gems they discovered. Students found gems such as Amazonite, Quartz, Iron Pyrite, Sapphire, Amethyst and many more. Each class also got to crack open a geode and keep it to display in their classroom. Fun was had by all!

Upper Left Photo: Ausha Hardy, Rose Wilhite, Levi Mendez, Eric Espinoza and Karin Brown
Upper Right Photo: Kelly Golden, Elsie Estrada, Vantasia Wilson, Giana Menjivar, Roselyn Cardoso and Blair Golden
Lower Left Photo: Ms. Sears' class
Lower Right Photo: Gracie Walker, Jayla Tuff, Jessee Stone and Melanie Sanchez

Click the link below to view a video of the gem mining fun