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Kindergarten Students Learn How to Wash Their Hands

G.O. Bailey Kindergarteners learned the proper way to wash their hands. Several ABAC Nursing students came over to teach the students the proper techniques to washing their hands. Students learned different strategies and songs to sing to help them. Students learned that hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of germs and how to promote healthy hand washing habits. Students also had the opportunity to demonstrate proper hand washing skills. At the end of the day students received a Hand Washing certificate for their accomplishments.

Pictured: (Top left) - Mrs. Megan Guzman's kindergarten students, Michael Milton, Kellie Clark, and Luis Reyes. (Bottom left) - Angel Ramirez from Ms. Kim Jacobs kindergarten class was excited to get the hand washing certificate. (Top right) - ABAC Nursing students teaching Ms. Kim Jacob's class on how to wash hands properly. (Bottom right) - Josiah Livingston from Megan Guzman's class.

Click the link below to view a photo album of the hand washing activities.