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Speed Stacking

When you enter the G.O. Bailey media center at 2:15pm on Monday through Thursday, you wouldn’t see students browsing for books that they want to check out or taking AR tests on the computer. Instead, you will see them on the floor stacking cups. The students at G.O. Bailey now have an opportunity to learn how to speed stack (cup stacking) during flex time in the media center this year. Each class in 1st through 3rd grade will come to the library during flex-enrichment time to learn the art of speed stacking. The speed stacking requires hand-eye coordination, which improves their cognitive and social skills. The students learn the basic 3 stacks and move on to 3-3 stacks and then to 3-3-3 stacks, which is an official speed stacking event. Will Pridgen from Mrs. Anna Atwater’s class has been stacking cups for over a year, and just recently competed in the Junior Olympic Speed Stacking in Des Moines, Iowa where he earned 2 gold and 1 bronze medals. The students are amazed at how fast he can stack cups, and are inspired by him to become a better cup stacker. Will assists Mrs. Emy Aultman during flex time to teach students how to cup stack and improve their time and technique. The students are really enjoying this new activity and catching on really fast at cup stacking.

Pictured: Mrs. McKellar's class practicing their cup stacking skills during flex time.