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Congratulations to Summer AR Readers!!

Congratulations to the following students for earning 5 points during the summer this year. They were invited to the pizza party and earned an awesome prize from Mrs. Aultman.

Lydia Buchanan
Sarah Grayce Culpepper
Blair Golden
Chloe Hubbell
Abby Penoncello
Emily Rowe
Ethan Stalnaker
Rylee Tompkins

We also would like to recognize our top readers this year.  The following people earned the highest summer AR points in their category:
Teacher - Mrs. Karin Brown (204.5 points)
Student - Ethan Stalnaker (7.8 points)
Friends and Family - Mrs. Keisha Stalnaker (43.8 points)

We would like to thank our staff, friends and family of G.O. Bailey and our students for reading and taking AR test this summer! Our library earned over $400!!!